Ski-BUNNIES.COM Terms & Conditions

General Terms: is not the employer of any person introduced on this website, but a website used and operated by the self-employed persons describing themselves thereon as ski bunnies, purely for the promotion of their services - those services being that of a skiing-partner and close companion for a specific period of time during part or all of a ski holiday or other vacation arranged and paid for by you. assumes no liability.

The operator of this website, a UK registered limited company, guarantees absolute reliability and discretion to anyone and everyone visiting this website. No data received in the course of your arranging a meeting with a ski bunny (companion) will be passed on in any form to a third party without your permission. No financial information will be requested, handled, electronically stored or used in any way whatsoever unless provided by you for a specific purpose.

Procedure of making an arrangement:
At first, check the availability of the companion you want to invite for the dates and duration you desire. This is done by completing and submitting the on-line enquiry form on the companion’s profile page or by sending an email to If your chosen ski bunny confirms that she is available for the dates and duration you specify and she accepts your invitation, then you just re-confirm that you wish to proceed and the next step is that you pre-pay your companion’s travel expenses, as shown on her profile page, to your companion’s designated travel organiser. Upon receipt, you will receive confirmation that your payment has arrived and then you just confirm which hotel you will be staying at with your companion, advise the time you prefer that she arrives there and all is set – the payment of your companion’s fee is made direct to her when you meet.

Minimum Age Requirements:
You must be at least 25 years of age to employ the services of a ski bunny. All companions are at least 21 years of age. The arrangement you are making with your companion is one between two adults of good health and sound mind.

Duration of an Arrangement:
For the purposes of making an arrangement to invite a companion, “1 Day” commences at the time you meet your chosen companion and terminates 24 hours thereafter. Arrangements of 1.5 days terminate 36 hours thereafter and arrangements od 2 days terminate 48 hours thereafter…. and so on.

Extending an Arrangement:
If, after first meeting your companion, you decide that you would like to extend the arrangement made, it will be at the discretion of your companion, subject to her wanting and being available to stay longer. Please note that if she does accept your invitation to extend the arrangement, then the extension may involve, in addition to your companion’s extra fee, a payment to an airline for changing her ticket.

Method of payment:
The payment of your companion’s travel expenses - required in advance by your companion in order to secure the arrangement you wish to make - needs to be made either by bank transfer or via Paypal (where you can pay with a credit-card if you wish). The companion’s fee is given direct to her by you in Euros when you meet and should be made within the first half an hour of first meeting. Under no circumstances can any companionship fees be processed through this website.

All ski bunnies arrange their own ski insurance covering themselves for accidental injury whilst skiing. It is recommended that you, too, obtain similar coverage.

Your ski bunny will assume that she will be staying in your hotel, chalet or apartment and share the accommodation you have already booked and have paid for. If you do not wish your companion to share accommodation with you then you must reserve and pay for additional accommodation for her. Before she begins her journey, your companion will need to know the address of the hotel or apartment in which she will be staying. If others are sharing the accommodation, this must be made clear when inviting your companion. The room shared with you must not be shared with anyone else and if, on arrival, it turns out that others are also sleeping in the same room, then your companion will not stay.

Ski Equipment and Lift Passes:
The companions will often bring their own skis, sticks, boots & helmets, especially when travelling to Austria but if they don’t then you will be expected to rent equipment for her in the resort. Similarly, you will need to pay for your companion’s lift pass.

Ski Tuition:
The companions are all competent skiers but if you would like her to join ski instruction classes or if you engage the services of a private instructor or ski guide for the two of you, then the tuition costs need to be paid by you.

Food and Drink:
You will need to cover the cost of reasonable meals, snacks & drinks while your companion is with you but her personal shopping and grooming costs are of course her own responsibility. The companions are not very demanding and will enjoy drinking with you but not to the extent that they are intoxicated and unaware of their surroundings. Please be aware that the companions never indulge in the taking of any supplements or illegal substances and that if pressured to do so they will refuse. If you nevertheless decide to indulge on your own, then please understand that your companion will probably just pack up and leave you to it and under these circumstances she will not be obliged to make any refund.

Cancellation of an Arrangement:
You may cancel an arrangement at any time. Once, however, payment of your companion’s travel to and from the ski resort has already been made, that part is non-refundable. After you meet and then make payment to your companion, if you are needing or wanting to cut short the arrangement already made, any refund is at the discretion of your companion. If, however, it is she who is having or choosing to curtail the arrangement for whatever reason, the payment she has received from you will be refunded, less her usual fee for the time already spent with you. An arrangement is deemed to be cancelled by you if you are not at the agreed meeting point or at least answering your phone within a reasonable time after that which has been agreed. After arriving at the ski resort or the location you have agreed to meet, your companion will wait up to 4 hours for you to arrive or to make contact by phone or email, unless it has been previously arranged that she is to wait longer than that for your arrival. Any longer without contact with you, she will probably give up on you and return home. Similarly, if you do not have accommodation arranged for yourself and your companion, ignore her completely, refuse to make contact, be too intoxicated to be coherent or you just disappear, either before or after you make payment, then she will take it that you have for whatever reason decided to terminate the entire arrangement and she will reluctantly leave. Should it be necessary for your companion to cancel prior to meeting you (owing maybe to illness, accident, a catastrophic event or a death or serious illness in her family) then she will help arrange an alternative companion, if one is available. If the replacement is acceptable to you, then the same terms, conditions and fees apply. If no replacement is required, the payment you have made of your companion’s travel expenses will be reimbursed to you in full.

Companionship policy:
The fee paid to your companion is for her time and companionship only. Anything else that occurs during your time together is a matter of choice between two consenting adults and most definitely does not involve any further payments to your companion. Other than the usual companionship fee, travel expenses, and, if applicable, ski-equipment rental & lift-passes, no further payments will be asked for before, during or after your time together. Anything implied or inferred by any text or images within these pages is NOT to be taken as inducement for payment for anything other than time and companionship.

Legal Information & Disclaimer:
All companions advertising on this website are over the age of 21. is neither an Escort agency nor an Escort management service. under no circumstances consents to or has knowledge of any illegal activity being committed by the advertisers offering their services via the website. These terms and conditions do not apply anywhere they may be considered illegal.