Reservations should ideally be made well in advance! There are substantial arrangements that the companions often need to make before setting off on a ski trip. There are often family or work commitments, appointments with dentists, doctors, hair-dressers, manicures, pedicures for example, all of which need to be worked around or altered, maybe baby or pet-sitters/kennels to arrange etc etc etc. So, please try and make your plans several weeks ahead of time, if you can.

Making a reservation is easy – as a first step, simply complete and submit the "Contact" form on your chosen companion's profile page (or else send an e-mail to to enquire about the availability of your chosen companion or companions for the dates you would like to meet. Be sure to indicate the ski resort to which you want to invite her and the duration you would like her to be there.

A response will be sent to you letting you know if your chosen companion is available or not. If she is available, to convert your enquiry into a firm arrangement the next step will be for you to either book flights for her (after proposing which flights you would like to book and then receiving your companion’s acceptance of them) or else, depending on the policy of the companion, pre-pay her fixed travel expenses as shown on her profile page, either direct to her or to her appointed travel organiser. The financial commitment of pre-paying your companion’s travel expenses or air travel is necessary in order to prove that your invitation is genuine. Bank account details for the pre-payment of travel expenses will be provided when you confirm.

If your chosen companion is not available, you will be informed of which dates she would be available and you can then re-submit a new enquiry or you can check the availability of a different companion for the dates you require.

Payment of the companionship fee is given to her direct to your companion when you meet – at the very beginning of your time together.

See the Questions page for more information.

Please note that the fixed travel expenses quoted on the companions’ profile pages are valid for reservations made at least a week in advance but please understand that for last-minute arrangements (within one week of the date you want your companion to arrive) those travel expenses are often insufficient due to higher last-minute flight costs.

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