Questions & Answers

In which ski resorts can I meet with a companion?
We can meet with you in any European ski resort and most of us will also be very happy to travel to Canada.

How do I find out if my preferred companion is available and what happens if she is not?
The first step is to complete and submit the on-line form on your preferred companion’s profile page, suggesting for how long and where you want to meet with her. Your request is then forwarded to your chosen companion and, soon afterwards, you will receive an e-mail letting you know if she is available or not. If she is not available for the dates you require, you can check alternative dates or you can consider inviting a different companion.

How do I calculate the duration of an arrangement?
The start of an arrangement, for pricing purposes, begins when you first require your companion to meet with you and terminates when you and she part company. The duration of an arrangement does not have to comprise of exact 24-hour periods and companions are fairly flexible with the timings involved. The companions’ fees are shown on the fees page and your selected companion will re-confirm her fee once you know exactly when you want to meet with her and for which duration.

When should I begin to make my plans to invite a companion?
Some companions receive invitations up to a year in advance but most arrangements are made a month or two ahead of time. To have the best opportunity of your favourite companion being available for the dates you want to meet, then make your arrangements as far in advance of your ski trip as you possibly can because the companions sometimes have to work around other commitments such as a regular job, studies, private vacations, family celebrations etc. All arrangements are of course subject to availability. Last-minute arrangements, although often possible, are sometimes difficult to organise - so the best policy is to make your plans at least a week or two in advance.

When should my chosen companion arrive and depart the ski resort?
Although you can generally specify your companion’s arrival and departure time, the ideal arrival time tends to be early evening so that you and your companion can get to know each other over dinner and drinks before retiring for the night - and then getting a full day on the slopes the next day. Departures are usually either straight after breakfast or after a day’s skiing.

How do I confirm a booking and how do I pay for my companion’s travel expenses?
Once you have decided to proceed with an invitation, the next step is to either book and pay for your chosen companions’s flights (usually out of Prague or Vienna) or else pre-pay her travel expenses to the ski resort you have chosen (depending on her situation and policy). Most companions have fixed travel expenses, which can be seen on their profile pages. This commitment is necessary in order to show that your invitation is genuine and to allow your companion to go ahead and make her travel arrangements - thank you for your understanding. Details of where to send this pre-payment will be provided when you confirm your booking.

When do I make payment of my companions’s fee?
Ideally, so she does not need to ask you for it, your companion’s fee should be discreetly handed over to her within the first few minutes of the two of you meeting. It should go without saying that until your companion does receive her fee (in full) from you, she will not be very inclined to provide the close companionship you have invited her there for. If your companion has reason to suspect that you are not going to hand over her fee at all, then she will, with much regret, probably decide to leave. If you intend to pay your companion in any currency other than Euros, this must be arranged and agreed to in advance.

Where do I meet my companion and how do I recognize her?
You can choose to meet your companion at an airport or you can arrange for her to make her own way to the ski resort and then meet at your hotel or apartment at a pre-arranged time. Some companions drive in their own cars, some travel by train and bus. You should be able to recognize your companion from her photos when she arrives at the time you specify but in any case you will have each other's mobile phone numbers just in case you don't immediately locate each other. You pre-arrange to meet at an agreed location, such as the hotel’s lobby, cafe or bar.

Would it be possible to have my companion meet me, for example, in London, stay there the night with me, and then we set out on our skiing holiday together as a couple?
Yes, not a problem. You will of course need to cover the cost of her flights plus the additional duration of your companions's companionship. If you are driving to a Swiss ski resort, you can arrange to pick up your companion somewhere en route, such as Zurich or Geneva. If you are driving to a resort in Austria, you can, if you want, pick up your companion in Nuernberg, Munich or Salzburg.

What should my expectations be?
For the duration of her stay, your companion will be there only for you! She will ski with you (although may not be the same standard skier as you), dine, drink and dance with you, stay with you in your hotel and be your devoted companion for the duration of your meeting. Our companions are fun-loving girls - treat them with respect and you will undoubtedly transform your ski trip into one packed with fun and romance.

What will my companion's expectations be?
Your companion will expect to eat and drink fairly well and generally enjoy her visit for the duration of your time together. Above all, your companion will want you to show her respect and treat her in public and in private not so much as a paid companion but as if she were your new, exciting and beautiful girl-friend.

What is the fee specifically for?
The fee paid to your companion is for her time and companionship only. Anything else that occurs between the two of you over the course of your holiday together will be a matter of free choice between two consenting adults and has no connection with the Ski Bunnies’ offer of companionship. You can however be confident that your companion will treat you, throughout your time together, just like a regular boyfriend. Your companion will not ask for or require any additional payment from you for any reason unless you agree to extend her stay.

What other payments should I budget for?
Once the companionship fee has been paid to your companion, no further payments will be requested or required by her during or after your stay together. Other than the double room for you both, you'll be expected to cover your companion’s meals and drinks as well as pay for her lift-pass, ski, boot & helmet rental, unless of course she brings her own equipment.

I want to ski with my friends during the day and just want my companion to accompany me for the evenings and at night, is that possible?
Yes, it is not a problem – your companion will be happy to look after herself during the day by relaxing in the hotel spa, reading, going for walks and browsing the shops. It would be usual and polite to provide her with 50 Eur per day to cover her expenses for lunch and drinks, then you just say which time you will be back and whether you want her to be in the room or meet you at an apres-ski bar. Your companion will probably not require a lift-pass or equipment if she is not skiing with you.

I snore loudly at night, what happens then?
You definitely need to mention it in advance and then your companion will make sure she brings ear-plugs! In serious cases, even ear-plugs are insufficient and then you would be expected to arrange and pay for a separate room for her in which she can sleep.

What happens if my companion falls ill or cannot travel for some other reason just before coming to meet me?
That is certainly a possibility, nobody is healthy all the time and there could be another compelling reason, such as a death of a close family member for example, which keeps your companion from travelling. If that were to happen, then - and only with your agreement - all efforts will be made to check on last-minute availabilities in order to find a suitable replacement who is acceptable to you. You would not need to pay the travel expenses a second time. Should you decide not to invite someone else, then a refund of your companion’s travel expenses will be made back to you.

What if, after my companion arrives, we find we are totally incompatible?
In the unlikely event that there is just no chemistry between you and your companion and either or both of you decide that you do not want to continue the experience after spending the first night together then your companion will leave. Your companion will keep the fee for a 1-day meeting and return the rest of the fee to you, less whatever extra it costs for her to return home (either the change fee of her air ticket or, if that is not possible, the cost of a new ticket, plus transportation to the airport etc).

I am not so young any more, will the companions still meet with me?
Absolutely! Moreover, it is definitely a fact that most companions prefer meeting with gentlemen who are in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s rather than younger guys. They generally feel safer and more secure in the hands of experienced men who know how to treat a lady well and with respect. Anyone of at least 21, however, is welcome to invite a companion on a vacation, provided he knows how to behave, has good hygiene and is in good health.

Can my companion stay longer than has been arranged?
Possibly – you will need to ask! She might already have other commitments such as another ski resort to go to, her regular job, or maybe a university course, even family to return to. You can always arrange another trip for a later date and if it's not for skiing then she will be equally happy to accompany you elsewhere on a city-break, beach holiday, cruise or even visit you in your home country.

Can a group of us invite several companions at the same time?
Yes, subject to availability, you and your friends can invite a group of companions of equal number to stay with you all. As a group you can, with prior agreement, even decide to rotate their companionship - ie each member of the group can spend each day partnered with a different companion! (Note: If rotation is what your group would like to do, it is very important to say this in advance of confirming who to invite, as some companions will not agree to this or they may charge a supplement).

I am a non-skier - will my companion mind if we don't go onto the slopes?
Not a problem at all. Some resorts, such as Kitzbuehel, Seefeld, Ischgl, St. Moritz & Zermatt are very popular with non-skiers, who visit just to soak up the amazing atmosphere which a top ski resort offers.

May I take it for granted that I can be assured complete discretion?
Absolutely! Your companion will be totally discreet and what happens between the two of you in the ski resort, stays in the ski resort! Furthermore, any personal information about you gained by her during your time together - or by any other person corresponding with you with regard to your trip – is never ever shared with any other person or entity.

I have a disability.….will I still be able to invite a companion?
Yes, of course. The companions will be delighted to accompany you, although when you make your initial enquiry, it would be best for you to explain exactly what your disability is. If your disability is such that you bring a medical assistant or carer with you, then that is ok but it should be mentioned in advance too. Depending on what your disability is, it may be necessary for you to book a separate room for your companion.

What kind of accommodation is acceptable?
Anything really, as long as it is comfortable and clean – don’t worry, the companions are just as happy staying in a nice guest-house, 3-star hotel or apartment as they are in a 5-star hotel. A chalet or your own property are all fine but if you are sharing accommodation with others, then please say this from the outset. If your companion arrives and finds that others are sleeping in the same room as you and her, then she will insist on being given her own room somewhere close by.

As the majority of last-minute enquiries received by the companions (for example, for them to visit ski resorts the next day) tend to be insincere or just hoaxes (it seems that as the après-ski alcohol flows, some people find it fun to send invitations which are just not genuine) please note that none of the companions will set off on any journey without first receiving either pre-payment of their travel expenses or a flight ticket or airline booking code. We highly recommend that you send invitations and make arrangements as far in advance as possible but if you do find yourself making a serious last-minute enquiry, please only do so if you able and prepared to either a) pre-pay your companion’s travel expenses by credit-card or an instant on-line bank transfer or b) purchase an air or rail ticket for your companion. Thank you for your understanding. Please note that the flight and/or resort transfer costs at the last-minute may well be more than those listed on the fees page. You will of course be advised of the exact amount of the travel costs prior to your making a firm decision on whether to invite your companion or not.